No Picnic for Sam - a novel by Rod Shaw Shrewsbury Shropshire


A novel by Rod Shaw


"What a lovely book. So beautifully written and even with its relative shortness, the way it has been written and edited means a period of time, or chapter can be ended without it feeling rushed. Very moving in places; brought me to tears, but it's a heartfelt story of enduring love that even death can not diminish." 5 STARS Amazon Customer

"The story was very gentle and nostalgic and carried me along, a lovely bedtime read and I can recommend it." 4 STARS Amazon Customer

"A beautiful ghost story that's a true slice of life. It takes a while to get going, but the story is so gentle and the characters so engaging." 4 STARS Amazon Customer

"Gets you gripped from the start .. An excellent read .. First of many for the Author I hope ..."

"A poignant story of love, loss and friendship.
A nice read from this new novelist. Evokes a lot of emotion. I look forward to the next book."

"A good book, easy read. Some history, some humour and some sadness."

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No Picnic for Sam - by Rod Shaw Shrewsbury Shropshire, review by Sally Bunn


NO PICNIC FOR SAM by Roderick Shaw
Published by Heddon

EXTRACT: "It's a rare occasion when an adult and a child can read the same book with equal enjoyment. Shaw's story is one such example and deserves its place on the family bookshelves. Nicely writen, and easily readable, it tells of the Tait family who move into an old house in a Shropshire village - intending to turn it into a real family home. On their first night in the house father, Alan, sees a man with a dog staring at the house. He is surprised when they fade and disappear, and astonished when he learns that his daughter has seen them aswell. The family make new friends with the villagers who, having lived their all their lives, know the history of the place, remember the former inhabitants of the Tait's home, and know what the effects of the Second World War had on the village."

By Sally Bunn

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